My Pie Monday: James S. Exhibits Superb Parenting Skills

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.


[Photographs: James S.]

James S. writes:

Here are a couple shots of the pies I made recently. I used a dough recipe from Forno Bravo (65% hydration) letting the dough rest overnight in the refrigerator then proofing about 2 hours before shaping. I baked in a 550°F oven. I have 2 pizza stones and a set of fire bricks so I can bake 3 pies at a time.

I made one Margherita, one white with homemade giardiniera, and the last was arugula, crimini (from River Valley Farm) with Piemonte Tomini with truffles.


My 10-month-old is now a huge fan of pizza. We have a great experiment in the works (Pizza Cognition Theory)... what will become her definition of pizza?

What will become her definition of pizza? Looks like stuff that's better than most people grow up with, James. Can we nominate you for some sort of parenting award?