Quote of the Day: Anthony Mangieri on What Will Make Una Pizza Napoletana Stand Out in SF

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Quote of the Day"Well, I've been meaning to come out here for a long time. I guess you could say that the timing took too long. But, look, I started this whole wacky frenzy [about Neapolitan pizza]. All those other guys know that. Everyone who's planning on opening a Neapolitan pizzeria has been to my place in NYC to check it out. I've tried the pizza at some of the new places out here. It's all good and it's all different. But I've been making pizza since I was 15 years old. I started Una Pizza Napoletana in 1996 when no one else was doing it. I'm not doing this because it's trendy or to make money." --Anthony Mangieri, on the ZagatBuzz blog