Jersey Shore-Style Pizza: Dorian's on the Beach in Ocean Grove

Pizzasnob (aka Tim Kang) checks in again with some notes on a Jersey Shore pizza joint. Hey, summer might be unofficially over, but the weather's still nice enough for a weekend trip down the shore. Enjoy it while you can, folks! The Mgmt.


[Photographs: Tim Kang]

A couple of weekends ago we hit up Asbury Park, home of The Boss, to see how they had revitalized the boardwalk. After walking its length and passing through Casino Hall, I smelled a whiff of pizza emanating from an unassuming restaurant. My wife knew I had to get a slice, but we got a pie instead—the economics worked out better that way. :-)

After my first bite, I concluded that it embodied what Snooki, The Situation, and the rest will never have: good taste.


It summoned long-forgotten childhood memories (Pizza Cognition Theory!) of delighting in this particular style of pizza during beach visits—cracker-thin crust, a rich sauce, and a perfect 1:1 ratio of sauce to bubbly cheese.


It was an unexpected, enjoyable change of pace from all of the Neopolitan, high-falutin' fancy pizza's I've fancied the past couple of years.

Dorian's on the Beach

4 Boardwalk, Ocean Grove NJ 07756 732-988-3330