My Pie Monday: dhorst's Farewell-to-Summer Pizza


[Photographs: dhorst]

Why do I have a Don Henley song stuck in my head? Here's dhorst:

I said farewell to summer with this Burrata, Tomato, and Greens pizza last week. Sourdough crust brushed with garlic-infused olive oil and topped with some regular mozzarella, burrata, tomato, and aleppo chile pepper.


One half also had some spinach and arugula tossed on after the pie came out of the oven. I finished it with a sprinkle of Parm. It really quite tasty—the aleppo chile was really great with the creamy burrata. It's not good the next day, though.


I should have let Miss Ellie have more than just the crust. And speaking of Miss Ellie and the crust--notice how the colors of the interior and exterior of the crust match Miss Ellie's coloring?

After the pies of summer have gone....