My Pie Monday: Kyle H.'s Anti-Vampire Pizza


[Photograph: Kyle H.]

The takeaway here, ladies and gents? Garlic roux sauce! Here's Kyle H.:

Here's my first ever "from the dough up" pizza. I mainly wanted to try a garlic sauce recipe I found to try to emulate a local pizza joint, Transfer. Close but no cigar. An enjoyable pizza, either way, and I wish I'd had time to let the dough develop overnight.


  • Based on your site's "no-knead" recipe, but 100% all purpose flour and beat by the KitchenAid for 10 mins
  • Allowed to rise 45 mins at room temp, 45 in fridge
  • Garlic sauce recipe pilfered from here
  • Toppings are red onion and Hungarian sausage from a little local joint, European Homemade Sausage:
  • Formed dough and cooked it solo in junky gas oven preheated to 500°F on the bottom rack, topped, cooked another 6 mins, then broiled for another minute

More words here if I missed something important.

Thanks, and I enjoy the blog!

------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks, Kyle! Ah, I see you're in Milwaukee. I LOVE that city. You got any recs beyond Transfer?

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