San Diego: Bronx Pizza, a Slice of New York on the West Coast

You may know Pizzasnob (aka Tim Kang) from the comments here and a couple of My Pie Mondays he's submitted. Today, he brings word of some great New York–style pizza in San Diego. The Mgmt.


[Photographs: Tim Kang]

Who knew that Californians had decent New York–style pizza? I didn't. When our hosts on a recent trip to San Diego raved about this place, my eyebrow must have arched a foot high with skepticism.


I spied some weird toppings heading out the door and almost got cold feet, but when I walked in and saw the array of pizzas in the shelf, my heart slightly warmed up. After finding out from the cashier that the owners truly hail from the Bronx, I decided to pony over the cash and try it out.


"It's pretty good," my wife admitted after I brought the slices back to the car. Indeed, it was. Granted, it didn't knock my socks off, but I would place it in the same above-average, typical NY-slice tier with Joe's on Carmine in NYC or the real Ray's Pizza on Prince Street.


The crust had a delicately crisp-thin exterior and tasted fresh.


Bronx Pizza

111 Washington Street, San Diego CA 92103 619-291-3341;