Blogwatch: 'Foodie Call' Visits Serious Pie in Seattle


[Photograph: Gary of Foodie Call]

Gary of Foodie Call made a pilgrimage to Serious Pie in Seattle recently. He was pretty impressed with the chanterelle mushroom and truffled cheese pie:

This is a really tasty pizza—the truffle cheese has plenty of truffle flavor while the chanterelle mushrooms are really wonderful when roasted. As far as herbage goes, I think this had some tarragon on it because its flavor is pretty unmistakeable. The crust is thin and crispy around the edges but with plenty of satisfying chew in the middle.


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Slice'rs may recall that Adam made a memorable visit to Serious Pie last year, and reported that the awesome Cherry Bomb and Sweet Fennel Sausage pie is the thing to order—it even made his Top 8 Pizzas of 2009 list. Guess I'll have to get myself to Seattle, pronto!

Serious Pie

316 Virginia Street, Seattle WA 98101 (map) 206-838-7388‎; website