Daily Slice: La Rosa's Potato Pizza, Philadelphia

Daily Slice

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October! National Pizza Month! This month we'll be bringing you Daily Slice, quick snapshots of slices and pies all of us at the Serious Eats empire have been enjoying lately. The Mgmt.


[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

La Rosa is an unassuming hole-in-the-wall pizzeria on the bustling corner of Broad and Snyder in Philadelphia, next door to a check-cashing place. There are no chairs and no menu. Pick up, delivery, or just eat at the counter. They make square pan pizzas and sometimes calzones and panzarotti. No wings, salads, or sandwiches. Nothing too fancy, except for this amazing potato pizza that's one of my favorite slices in the city.


La Rosa's standard pizza is nothing out of the ordinary. Not as thick as your average Sicilian crust, but deeper than the bakery pies you find at nearby Cacia. The regular slices are loaded with cheese and toppings—comforting, but they can get a bit greasy. Simple is the way to go here. Their tomato pies—just sauce and a sprinkle of romano cheese—are $7 (that's for a whole pie) and delicious.

Even better is this ultra-simple potato pizza. White pie with a hint of garlic, and a layer of thinly shaved potato seasoned with chopped rosemary, salt, and pepper. The potatoes are slightly caramelized in the oven and the crust is crisp on the bottom, soft on top. A staple in Rome, it's incredible to find something like this down the street from a corner store that doubles as a casino-bound bus station.

La Rosa Pizza

2106 Sound Broad Street, Philadelphia PA