Domino's Wisconsin Six Cheese Pizza

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[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Domino's recently introduced a new Wisconsin 6 Cheese pizza as part of their "American Legends" line. According to their website, it's topped with "robust tomato sauce, cheeses made with 100% Mozzarella, Feta, Provolone, Cheddar, Parmesan, Asiago," and a sprinkling of oregano. I'm not quite certain what "cheeses made with assorted cheeses" means, but I was curious enough to give it a try.


If you haven't ordered from Domino's online lately—and I haven't—you might be entertained by the website, which tells you who is making your pie, when it's being put in the oven, and who is bringing it to your door. You can even choose a display theme. (Adam was the one who chose the "love" theme pictured above, I swear.)


The Wisconsin cheese blend (which, according to the AP, is partially but not entirely composed of cheese from Wisconsin) is available on any of Domino's standard crusts. We went with the Brooklyn style crust, which is a bit thinner than the standard choice. It looked tempting enough when we opened the box. Though we didn't have a regular cheese pie around to compare, it seemed like this new six-cheese blend developed more brown bubbles on top.

But how did it taste?


The new cheese is noticeably tangy, perhaps as a result of the cheddar and feta in the blend. It's a little overly salty, but the pronounced flavor works well to mask the too-sweet, overspiced sauce and the bland crust. Nothing can save the soggy crust texture of a Domino's delivery pie, but we all concurred that the cheese was pretty tasty.

"I think this is what I would order from Domino's," declared the Slicemeister himself. And while none of our staff would pick it as their favorite pie in the city, the entire pizza was eaten, and quick.