Openings: Second Grimaldi's Location in Hoboken, New Jersey



[Photographs: Keith Freilich]

Emilia's Pizzeria owner Keith Freilich is back on the East Coast for a visit and sends us this news:

My trip timing was fortuitous: I'm over at the brand-new Grimaldi's at 411 Washington Street in Hoboken. (201-792-0010). It's bigger, has a full bar, and is open for lunch (7 days, lunch and dinner). It opened last Tuesday. The pizzaiolo, Roberto, started at the Brooklyn "Patsy's" back in 1992. The Hoboken Clinton Street location will remain.


Freilich, it should be noted, got his start at the Hoboken Grimaldi's, moved to the Bay Area, and then eventually opened Emilia's in Berkeley, where he makes a mean pie that's inspired by the type of coal-oven pizza coming out of Grimaldi's ovens.

It should also be noted that this Grimaldi's, like the other Hoboken location, is owned by Patsy Grimaldi and Sean McHugh — not the Ciolli family, which now owns the original under the Brooklyn bridge as well as several other locations throughout the country.