Pizza Snacks: Health Is Wealth Pizza Munchees


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

I have a bad habit of not reading labels carefully enough. The word "Munchees" on this box called out my name so loudly I missed the small(er) print: these suckers are filled with classic Italian flavors and soy cheese.


I have to say, cheese of any sort is pretty much undetectable in these little pockets, which are basically just a dry, wheaty shell filled with tomato-flavored-oregano-soy-paste. They're inoffensive tasting, I suppose, but really don't have much to do with pizza, given the lack of oozing cheese and the uniform texture of the filling. The innards looked nothing like the photo on the box.


We toasted them up in our toaster oven, so the edges got a little crisp (though two of the 12 Munchees leaked tomato sludge). I don't think I'll be serving these at my next cocktail party.

Hey, pizza fans: Are they any pizza poppers that actually satisfy your pizza cravings?