Snapshots from Sunday's Slice Meet-Up

Yesterday we had a Slice meet-up for A) the heck of it and B) well, to celebrate Slice's 7-year anniversary (October 13, for those keeping score at home). We met at DBA bar in the afternoon with the idea that Slice would order some pies in and that Slice'rs would bring a pie (or pies) from their local fave — or even make one of their own — to share.

After a slow start, a nice-size crowd showed up — about 16 total, with five pizzerias represented — Rosario's on the Lower East Side of Manhattan; Sam's of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn; Rizzo's of Astoria, Queens; the South Brooklyn Pizza location just across the street; and Luzzo's just up the street from the bar.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and to those who brought pizza and to DBA bar for putting up with our pizza-crazy ways! Peep the slideshow for more.

Update: Attendee Hong-An Tran on Sunday's meet-up! »