Two Pizza Trips to New Haven


Hong-An Tran and friends left their pizza "bones." We *always* eat ours ... do you? [Photograph: Hong-An Tran]

A few friends of Slice visited New Haven, Connecticut, recently (both independent of one another) and loaded up on pizza at some of the city's most celebrated pizzerias.

First up on Sunday was pizza photographer Hong-An Tran (who we interviewed here a couple weeks ago). She and a couple of friends hit up Bar, Frank Pepe's, Modern, and Sally's in that order. Only at Sally's were they blown away, it seems.

On Tuesday, Scott Wiener from Scott's Pizza Tours made a separate trip to New Haven with Mark and Jenny from Pizza a Casa. They did Frank Pepe's, Modern, Sally's, and Bar, in that order. I can't really tell which place Scott liked the most, but he was surprised by a surprising pie at Bar (and, no, Bar fans, it's not the one you're thinking of):

Hopes were high, as Mark's students at Pizza a Casa and my customers on pizza tours had heralded the mashed potato pizza at Bar as the savior of all things pizza. It was tasty, but my favorite surprised the heck out of me. It was the chicken+hot cherry peppers+bacon pie! Well, I actually swapped out the chicken for some shrimp from the other pie but bacon and hot cherry peppers made my day. It was really something special.

Of course, if you, dear Slice'r, are going to New Haven, you would be advised to make a quick trip to Zuppardi's Apizza in West Haven, just a bit southwest of the usual suspects. Our man Ed Levine says it's got the best clam pie and sausage pie he's had in ages.