Watch the Di Fara Documentary 'The Best Thing I Ever Done'

Did you know that legendary Brooklyn pizzaman Dom DeMarco met his wife in the pizzeria he worked at before opening Di Fara? She used to come in and eat lunch there every day. He liked her because she sat alone — "She must be a nice girl," I thought.

Documentary filmmaker MargaretEmily MacKenzie reveals that bit of trivia and more in this wonderful portrait of DeMarco, his family, and of course, his pizzeria, Di Fara, called The Best Thing I Ever Done.

It's beautifully shot and tells so much more of the Di Fara/DeMarco story than has ever been put out there, as Ms. MacKenzie got unprecedented access to Dom and his children, some of whom appear here to flesh out the history.

Says Ms. MacKenzie in an email, "I screened it with Dom and Margaret [one of Dom's daughters] and they both liked it a lot. Dom's favorite part is when 'Ave Maria' comes in, as it is his favorite song."