A Slice With: Chef Michael White

Chefs love pizza too. So we're chatting up chefs from around the country about their favorites, their home-pizzamaking habits, and their beloved childhood pizza memories. Today's victim: Michael White, chef at Marea and the newly opened Osteria Morini.


Chef Michael White and his daughter with their homemade pie. [Photograph: Michael White]

Thanks so much for chatting with us! Do you ever make pizza at home?

I like to make pizza at home on Sunday nights with my wife and daughter Francesca. Checkout the closeup above!

What pizzas did you eat and love as a child?

I grew up in southern Wisconsin, where we usually ate a Sicilian-type pizza. Most of the Italian-American families in that area are from Marsala, Italy. The pizza is cut in squares so there are inside pieces and outside pieces. I love the crust.

One of the interesting things about this kind of pie is that this it's a long-cooked pizza that bakes on a slate for about 20 minutes at about 500 degrees in a Blodgett oven. The sauces are usually made from 7/11 Stanislaus tomatoes. Because Wisconsin is the Dairy State, we use Grande cheese. They layer the dough with sauce, raw sausage, cheese, and then they bake it.

The fat from the pork melts into the sauce , adding even more flavor to the pizza. Growing up, my favorite place to get pizza was at Domenico's Pizza in Beloit, Wisconsin.

We'll have to call you up for other recommendations when we get to Wisconsin in our United States of Pizza series! Beyond Wisconsin, what's the greatest pizza you've had in recent memory?

Pizza a Metro in Sorrento, Italy. On Via Nicotera,15-Vico Equense.