Tattooed Pizzamaker Appears in Opening Credits of 'Saturday Night Live'

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... a really eagle-eyed pizza nerd out there. ;)

An excerpt from the episode, showing just the opening credits. There's a still from it, after the jump just below, for people who can't watch Hulu — or if the clip ever becomes unavailable.

Dear Slice, Letters from Slice'rsAdam,
This is probably high on the pizza nerd scale, but I'd love to see if you can confirm this: Go to Hulu and watch the full episode of the Scarlett Johannsen SNL. At exactly 7:34 in the program, our favorite former East Village pizzaiolo's arm/oven makes a special appearance (in the credits). Right?

Wishing I was in San Fran, Isaac G.


------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Isaac,

Yes. That is Mr. Mangieri's arm, hand, and oven. From the days when Una Pizza Napoletana was located in Manhattan's East Village instead of its present location in San Francisco.

I did a search for this and it seems like nobody's noticed this before. I certainly hadn't — but then again, NBC doesn't come in that well on our TV, so I rarely watch SNL. Wish I had been.

Thanks for the awesome bit of trivia here, Isaac!

Hasta la pizza, Adam

Update: It's Not Una Pizza

As UnaVia points out — that's not the oven from UPN's East Village days, which can be seen here:

The UPN Process: Bringing the Pie Out (by Adam "Slice"<br /><br />

If I were to hazard a new guess, I'd say that it looks like the oven at Pulino's, with the white porcelain subway tiles, and the horizontal iron bands — but looking at this photo in the NYT, even there, you're seeing discrepancies.

Anyway, if it's not Mangieiri or Nate Appleman (and we haven't completely ruled that last one out), well ... what other tattooed pizzamakers are out there?

Update (11/27/2010)

Nate Appleman just emailed: "I would hate to see you guys waste anymore time. It is me."