Chicago Is the Best Pizza City in the U.S. (So Sayeth 'Travel & Leisure' Magazine)


You may have caught this link already, but check it. Travel & Leisure magazine has unleashed some magical ranking mojo on U.S. cities, listing them in categories including Cleanliness, Theater and Performance Art, Barbecue, and, yes, Pizza. Chicago, my friends, ranks No. 1 for pizza:

  • 1. Chicago
  • 2. New York City
  • 3. Providence, Rhode Island
  • 4. Philadelphia
  • 5. Savannah, Georgia
  • 6. Portland, Oregon
  • 7. Salt Lake City
  • 8. Boston
  • 9. San Francisco
  • 10. Denver

The rest of the list goes to 35 cities, with Memphis bringing up the rear. Interesting to note that the above is the ranking for "Visitor" — aka tourists. Here, after the jump, are Travel & Leisure's pizza rankings of best cities for pizza-munching residents. (Also after the jump, Slice's own picks for "Great 8 U.S. Pizza Cities.")

  • 1. Chicago
  • 2. New York City
  • 3. Providence, Rhode Island
  • 4. Anchorage
  • 5. Portland, Maine
  • 6. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 7. Savannah, Georgia
  • 8. San Francisco
  • 9. Phoenix/Scottsdale
  • 10. Boston

OK. Analysis? Where's New Haven, Connecticut? Didn't even rank among the top 35 in either "Visitor" or "Resident" lists! Say wha? And Detroit, which GQ columnist Alan Richman rated No. 3 pizza city in the U.S. ("No city has more consistently satisfying pies than Detroit") doesn't rate a mention either.

I'm still perplexed by Anchorage and Salt Lake City. Who knew?!?

Here is my personal slist* of "Great 8" pizza cities —

Care to share your Great 8 Pizza City slist? You know the drill. (The drill would be The Comments Zone, below...)

* And, yes, I'm coining that word -- slice+list=slist.