Daily Slice: Joe Peep's New York Pizza, Los Angeles

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[Photograph: Lara Bowman]

With its colorful, graffiti-scarred interior and a menu full of attitude, Joe Peep's aspires to be an affordable little slice of New York City in the City of Angels.

Home to loaded 5,969-calorie pizzas and thinner crusted "Blue Collar" pies, Joe Peep's slices (which include up to 2 regular toppings) are both cheap and filling at $2.25. I usually order a plain cheese slice, but if you do order toppings, they pile them on.

The chewy crust is on the thicker side and the undercarriage is lightly spotted in their gas deck oven. The sharp-tasting sauce is generously seasoned with Parmesan, garlic, and dried oregano. They are also quite heavy handed with a buttery cheese blend of mozzarella and provolone. Even so, the triad of crust, sauce and cheese manages to remain balanced.

Like many restaurants in LA, Joe Peep's has its own share of celebrity admirers. Rumor has it that Jim Belushi calls Joe Peep's a favorite and once ordered ten pies to be delivered to a movie set—in the throes of a salad diet, he was unable to resist them!

Joe Peep's New York Pizza

12460 Magnolia Boulevard, Valley Village CA 91607 (map) 818-506-4133; www.joepeeps.com