Daily Slice: Porter Street Pizza, Philadelphia

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[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

South Philadelphia literally has a pizza place on almost every corner. Some are amazing, some awful, some just OK. There's an incredible diversity in terms of crust, toppings, and sauce. South Philly has everything from awesome old-school Italian-American-classic slices to straight-up bizarre stuff like pizza topped with pastrami, corned beef, and American cheese (woof).

Porter Street Pizza is a corner spot that specializes in thin-crust pizza, something you don't see too often in Philadelphia and especially not South Philly, where bakery pie, Sicilian, and standard fold-over crust prevails. The crust is crisp but not cracker-thin, with just the right amount of sauce and cheese. The plain and upside-down pies are terrific, but we went for the Firecracker, topped with thick chunks of fennel sausage, cherry peppers, and long hots.


Another great thing about these pies is that they are really minimal on the cheese and toppings, which keeps the crust crisp and means you can eat about ten slices in a sitting. It's also great that these slices are super affordable, and there's a terrific variety for a corner store, everything from Margherita to clam pizza (and Buffalo chicken bacon ranch).

The inside isn't much to look at: two tables, soda cooler, Eagles posters, cigarette display, pretty much the standard South Philly neighborhood decor. But the service is fine (same guy who made the pizza sells it), and delivery has so far been consistently fast and delicious.

Porter Street Pizza

At the corner of South 20th Street at West Porter, Philadelphia PA 19145 (map); 215-271-6590