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Frozen Pizza

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[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

I wouldn't blame ol' Trader Giotto for the odd distribution of toppings on this pie; these things have a way of sliding around, so we ended up with more or less a pepperoni half and a sausage half.

The sausage (which was in pretty large crumbles) was salty and quite moist. I usually prefer sausage, but the pepperoni was actually the star of this pie: it was well-flavored and a little spicy, with nice crispy edges from the oven. This pie confirmed what I suspected back when we tried Trader Joe's Margherita: with frozen pizza, simple is not always better. A few toppings can be a welcome distraction from frozen pizza's inherent weaknesses.


And now, the bad news: the crust is pretty bland on this pie (though not off-tasting) with no particular merits. It's crunchy on the end crust, soggy in the middle. The sauce was a bit too bold, salty and overly sweet and way too heavy on the dried herbs. It could be that the mushy roasted vegetables contributed to the sweetness; they didn't really add any other flavor of their own.

Would I eat this pie again? Maybe. But I'll definitely be seeking out more heavily-topped frozen pizzas from now on.

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