Home Slice Pizza's Carnival O' Pizza: Tomorrow!

20101118Carnival_O_Pizza.jpgThis Saturday in Austin, Texas, Home Slice Pizza will be holding its (in)famous Carnival O' Pizza. There will be games, raffles, live music, break-dancers, graffiti artists, beer, and lots of pizza. The proceeds go to Habitat Young Professionals, a group that helps Habitat For Humanity build houses for the poor. The carnival is perhaps best known for its wacky contests.

Besides dough-tossing and pizza-box folding, four-time defending champ Chris Floyd will try to obliterate the competition yet again in the 30-minute-long pizza-eating contest.

And while I personally will not be defending my back-to-back titles in the Hands-On-An-Eggplant-Sub (HOES) contest, five others are ready to stake their claim. Competitors have to keep their hand on the sub, while standing outside and not using the bathroom except for once every 10 hours, until only one person is left. The last competition lasted 30.5 hours until my wife, Erin, my final competitor, took her hand off the sub, giving me the victory. If that's not love, I don't know what is. The winners of the pizza-eating and HOES contests win a free year of pizza at Home Slice (I chronicled mine at Year of the Pizza), so if you're in Austin, come by to check out the madness.