Is It Ever Too Early to Eat Pizza? (Or, 'Cakespy's Husband, You Are Wrong, Sir!')


Jessie Oleson. You may know her as Cakespy. [Photograph: Cakespy]

Jessie Oleson, aka Cakespy, just dropped by the Serious Eats–Slice office for a cranberry-sauce taste-test. On her way out the door, she turned to me and said, "I have a question for you. I'm trying to settle an argument with my husband...

(Uh oh.)

"Is it ever too early to eat pizza? I'm not talking about cold-pizza-as-breakfast. I'm talking about, say, it's 10:30 a.m. and I haven't eaten yet but the local pizzeria is open. He thinks it's too early to go in there and order a slice. But, hey, if they're open, that means people are eating at that hour, right?"


I think Jessie knew the answer she was going to get before she asked the question.

With all due respect, Mr. Cakespy, your wife wins this argument!

Slice'rs, what say you? If the pizzeria is open, pizza is fair game, right?