New! Pizza Talk Strips on Slice!


You know how, in the past, when someone over in Serious Eats Talk would start a pizza-related thread and I'd copy-and-paste it and make a little post here on the Slice homepage alerting you to it? Those days are gone!

That's because our handy dandy web developer, Christine, has given us "Talk strips" on Slice proper — although I am tempted to call them "Pizza Strips."

But, of course, that might cause confusion with this kind of pizza strip:


But, seriously, I've been asking for Pizza Talk Strips for a while, and I'm happy they're here. There are five of them peppered among the posts. When anyone has a pizza question in Talk, we'll jump in and promote those to the Slice homepage. So if you, dear Slice'rs, have any questions, you know what to do....