Daily Slice: Greek-Style Pizza at Acropolis, Kirkland, Washington

Slice: Seattle

Pizza reviews in the Seattle area.


[Photographs: Adam Lindsley]

Acropolis has the distinction of being one of the few places in the Seattle area serving Greek-style pizza, and while I'll admit I don't have much experience with this style of pie, I thought the Sausage and Green Peppers pizza my sister and I tried was quite satisfying, even if I left the restaurant wanting to spend the next eight to ten hours at the gym.


Make no mistake: This is pizza best consumed in tandem with copious amounts of alcohol. Not because the flavor of the pizza is lacking, but because the toppings are so heavy that they'll soak up far more booze than those on the average slice. The tomato sauce is herbaceous and heavily seasoned with black pepper. The layer of aged mozzarella on this sucker was easily half an inch thick, but it was creamy and stretched about a mile when I pulled a slice away from the pie. The sausage nuggets and green peppers were piled on with just as much abandon as the cheese, making a fork and knife mandatory for the first half of every slice.


I liked the crust most of all; it was flaky and had a high lip around the outer rim of the pizza. Acropolis cooks its pies in oiled round pans at 450°, which can leave the bottom of the crust a bit greasy. It's anything but bland, though, and the upper ridge had a nice buttery crunch to it.

Acropolis probably won't win any awards with these gut-busters, but in preparation for a long night of barhopping, it's hard to think of a better place to start.


500 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98003 (map) 425-827-2727; http://www.acropolispizzapasta.com