Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza. Yes, It's Good


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Whenever we mention frozen pizza on Slice (as we did in last week's poll), the subject of Home Run Inn's iced slices almost always comes up. (As it did last week.)

The problem is, you can only get HRI frozen pizza in select markets — I've never seen it in NYC (although it appears to have made inroads to Kansas City in the time I've been away). So when I was in Milwaukee over the weekend, I made it a point to pick up a pie to try.

And you know what? I'm going to have to plant my flag in the "Home Run Inn is good" camp. I imagine those campgrounds are thick with cheese. Because, damn, the Ultra Thin–variety cheese pizza I tried was loaded with it. I think it's the cheesiest dang frozen pizza I've ever eaten as-is out of the box. As mrchanello said in that poll thread, "Home Run Inn is my favorite, too. Definitely a 'richer' pie though. It's not light by any means."


I'm not sure what variety mrchanello was referring to (there's Classic, Ultra Thin, and Signature versions), but the Ultra Thin I tried was deceptively light looking, with its cracker-thin, crisp crust.

I quarried my prey at the Woodman's store in Oak Creek, Wisconsin — a veritable madhouse of food. The variety of HRI pizza alone was staggering, but the total tonnage of frozen pizza in general was astronomical in scale. I'm going to quote myself from a comment here:

[My wife and I] went to the Woodman's ostensibly to pick up some toiletries we had forgotten — at least that's how I sold the visit to Girl Slice, but my ulterior/true motive was to get some Home Run Inn frozen pizza. The Woodman's in Oak Creek ... is ... insane. At first I thought it didn't have any frozen pizza beyond a small endcap two-door freezer case with a mess of Totino's/Tony's/Jeno's pizzas. I wandered around, found the 120-count Pizza Rolls in another set of doors ... and then ... AND THEN ... I saw that there were actually TWO ENTIRE ROWS of those trough-style waist-high deep-freeze cases FULL OF EVERY KIND OF FROZEN PIZZA IMAGINABLE. And some that were UNIMAGINABLE. I wish I had a week in Oak Creek with access to my aunt's/grandmother's oven to cook my way through that stuff.

So, Home Run Inn fans, what variety, make, and model(s) do you go with? The Signature Sausage Mushroom and the Ultra Thin Margherita caught my eye. You?