Frozen Pizza: The Original Naan Pizza Spinach and Paneer Cheese

Frozen Pizza

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[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman]

20101210naanpizzabox.jpgSerious Eats editor and photographer extraordinaire Robyn Lee picked up this frozen pizza at Apna Bazaar Cash & Carry in Jackson Heights.

The pizza is topped with gooey, creamy mozzarella (the package says it's buffalo-milk, though we couldn't necessarily tell) and thin slices of paneer. The cheese is made with vegetarian-friendly microbial rennet. If anything, we would have appreciated a bit more paneer in the topping, but the delicate slices add a little flavor without any of the lovable rubberiness of paneer cubes.

The light layer of sauce isn't too sweet, and there's a little hint of Indian spices. I wouldn't say this pizza will curb your saag paneer cravings, but it does have just a bit of Indian flair. The garlicky spinach topping may not appeal to everyone; if you like your spinach fresh and lightly cooked, these leaves aren't for you, but most of our tasters didn't mind the flavor.


The crust is what makes this pizza worth seeking out. It's quite likely the tastiest frozen pizza crust we've tried. It's a bit thicker than any naan I've seen, with a crisp skin and totally tender interior—this crust has life to it! It had none of the off flavors or density we've come to expect from frozen pizza. We're looking forward to trying another Original Naan Pizza. Have you seen them in any stores near you?

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