See the Starters!

We're pretty excited about sourdough starters around here, and it looks like you are, too. Here are a few snapshots that Serious Eats and Slice community members took of their starters, from Day One to, well, eleven years old! (Don't worry, there aren't that many slides.)

Want to make your own sourdough starter for bread and pizza? Dbcurrie will walk you through the steps. We're on Day 7, but you can begin anytime! Got a sourdough starter started? Show us! (Extra credit if you give your starter a name.)

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Day Zero: What You'll Need »
Day 1: A Half-Ounce Flour and an Ounce of Water »
Day 2: No Feeding, Just Stirring »
Day 3: Feed Me More Flour! »
Day 4: 100% Hydration »
Day 5: Keep Feeding and Stirring! »
Day 6: Keep Stirring and Feeding! »
Day 7: Feed and Wait »