Send in Your Sourdough Starter Pics!


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

There's been a phenomenal response to Donna Currie's Sourdough Starter–Along series, and lots of folks are starting along with her. If you're eager to share your results with the community, why doncha send in your photos!

What we'll need from you:

  • If you can, size your photos to 600 pixels on the widest side
  • Indicate what day in the life of your starter the photo was taken on
  • Your SE screen name (if you have one, or your preferred ID if you don't)
  • Note: One photo of each day's status only, please!
  • Send them to: [email protected]

Also, there seems to be a tradition of people naming their starters. Have you gone that crazy yet?!? (Mine, pictured above is called "Cavanagh," in honor of you know who. If it looks a little different from Donna's, that's because I used rye flour to start it.)