Stout: Wisconsin-Style Thin-Crust Pizza at an Irish Pub in NYC?



[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

At an Irish pub, on the edge of Koreatown, in the heart of New York City, you'll find Wisconsin-style thin-crust pizza.

Stout NYC, which could be fairly termed a megapub, is offering a variety of pizza that most people don't even know exists, let alone are clamoring for.

Stout NYC

133 West 33rd Street, New York NY 10001 (map); 212-629-6191;
Pizza style: Midwest-style
The skinny: Stout's pizzas are somewhere on that continuum of Midwestern-style/bar-style pizza. But who cares what they are? They're a good snack
Price: Individual plain pizza, $8.95; large, $13.95

It was actually Slice'r rossadavis who tipped us all to the existence of this stuff in a Talk topic he started last month asking for good 24-hour pizza near Penn Station. (The pub is on 33rd Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near both Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.) Rossadavis followed up in the thread to inform us he found it at Stout:

So, here were the results. We ended up at a bar Stout 33rd and 7th ave, next to Old Navy, We ordered the Wisconsin Style Pizza, which immediatly made me think of Chicago style bar pizza. Very tasty, cracker thin and crispy, but pliable. Not much sauce. The cheese was not all Mozz, but a little tangy, possible provolone.

I'm not going to disagree with rossadavis here. For an Irish pub — a place I'd expect to find a good burger or a tasty shepherd's pie — the pizza was surprisingly good. The crust was flaky yet somehow still a little flexible, just as rossadavis said. In fact, his description was dead on. Moreover, I was impressed that they're using Esposito's sausage, which I ordered on my own pie — much like Chicago, Milwaukee is also a sausage-on-pizza town.

But, I have to offer a huge caveat — it's good only if you like this style of pizza. And I know most New Yorkers reading Slice don't.


Real Wisconsin pizza. Look at the boatload of cheese.

I will also say that this pizza might be more an homage to Wisconsin-style pizza. While crust thicknesses I've had in the Milwaukee area tend to vary, I've never had one quite as thin as the Stout pizza. And, perhaps more off-the-mark: There is just way too little cheese on this thing. I mean, look at the pizza above and then the Stout pie at top. Here's another Milwaukee pizza for you:


So while Stout's pizza may be a tasty snack or quick meal, it's only close to Wisconsin-style pizza. Come to think of it, this may be the first time I can reverse-pizza-snob NYC: Stout's Wisconsin-style pizza is pretty good ... for pizza outside Wisconsin.