Cook's Illustrated Thin-Crust Pizza

20110110-ci-pizza.jpgThere's a recipe for thin-crust pizza in the latest issue of Cook's Illustrated (January/February 2011). In it, Andrew Janjigian (whose name you might recognize from a couple reviews on Slice) tackles the process of getting a good crust and flavorful sauce in a standard home kitchen.

For those of you with Cook's Illustrated digital subscriptions, well, the recipe isn't up on the site yet, but there's a teaser video on the site's homepage. You can see that Andrew is using a food processor to start the dough, with a bit of post-processor kneading. He calls for a 1- to 3-day cold fermentation for maximum flavor.

I'll be putting Andrew's recipe through its paces later this week and will report on it afterward (like I did with the CI deep dish recipe a few weeks ago).

Just wanted to give y'all a heads up that this is a new one for you to try. I know how much folks love CI and pizza, etc. Heck, maybe you can make this and send in a My Pie Monday pic ;)