Daily Slice: Chicken and Bacon at Pizza My Heart, California

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[Photo: Carey Jones]

There are a long list of words I don't like when associated with pizza: Chicken. Bacon. Ranch dressing. California. (Sorry: I'm a proud native, but it's true.) Still, despite checking every one of those boxes, the Chicken & Bacon ($3.25) slice from Northern California mini-chain Pizza My Heart is pretty darn tasty. The chicken is sliced thinly enough so that it doesn't stand out from the pizza, the bacon crumbles add salt and delicious fattiness, and the garlic and "ranch" spices integrate to form a juicy, oozy sauce that flavors everything it touches. The crust isn't my favorite, but it's thin and pliant and crisp-edged enough to do the trick.

Pizza My Heart

Multiple locations Reviewed: 220 University Avenue, Palo Alto CA 94301 (map) 650-327-9400