Daily Slice: Nina's Argentinian Pizza Restaurant

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There's a pizza place back there, I swear. [Photographs: Christopher Stephens]

There is a stretch of Second Avenue that has been given over to construction of the Second Avenue Subway. Hidden behind the machinery and equipment are a number of restaurants that are suffering, and since I hope to live long enough to ride the new subway line, I feel I should do what I can to support the restaurants that have been affected by the the digging. Nina's Argentinian Pizza Restaurant is one of these establishments, and on a recent Monday night, I was the only diner apart from the owner.


pizza con chorizo

While I waited, I was presented with a dish of olives in a peppery oil and some bread. The pizza con chorizo was perfectly round (it's baked in a metal dish rather than on the oven floor). The bottom crust was crispy but not charred. The sauce was light, but the highlight was the cheese, which had been toasted around the edges where it touched the hot pan. The weight of the toppings was more than the crust could support: this is knife-and-fork pizza. The Argentinian-style chorizo was not as spicy as I expected; but apparently that's traditional. Next time I might try another of their specials; the pizza topped with meatballs and chimichurri sounded pretty great.

Nina's offers a full (mostly Italian) menu in addition to the pizza. As I was leaving, a couple walked in to order dinner, which I find encouraging. With any luck, Nina's will still be around when the subway opens.

Nina's Argentinian Pizza Restaurant

1750 Second Avenue (between 91st and 92nd Streets, map); 212-426-4627