Daily Slice: Eggplant Slice at Rosa's Pizza, Middle Village, Queens

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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Inside Rosa's Pizza, a couple of older men yell at the cooks in Italian. Before they've finished yelling, the cooks yell back, also in Italian. The discourse continues, and without taking a breath, the pie-man will shout "What'll-you-have-buddy?" to an unsuspecting customer as if it were all one word.

The restaurant is poorly lit, and by the afternoon the slices look a little dried out. But the eggplant slice caught my eye. Velvety eggplant blankets the massive slice, and patches of sauce break up the the monotony. The eggplant itself was a little over-seasoned, but the texture was satisfying, especially for those who harbor a weakness for old-school eggplant parm.

Unfortunately, the crust was a bit uneven. The dough in the middle of the slice was undercooked, while the lip was charred and stiff. It's probably not worth a trip out of your way.

Rosa's Pizza (aka Rosa 2 Pizza)

75-79 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village NY 11379 (at 78th Street; map) 718-894-4707