Daily Slice: Sausage and Mushroom Slice at Wiseguy Pizza Pie, Ketchum, Idaho

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[Photographs: David Kover]

We mentioned Wiseguy Pizza Pie in our roundup of pizzerias to check out in Idaho, but there wasn't much detailed intel to offer at that point. I stopped by to give it a try, and it turns out that these guys serve a decent New York-style slice.


The slices come out of the gas oven sporting an ultra-thin crust. The pizza is a bit pale at the ends (even after a reheat), but it's nicely browned on the bottom. These slices are crisp throughout yet pliable enough that they fold easily. On top, the shredded mozzarella and sauce is applied in good proportion to the rest of the slice. I particularly liked the hints of oregano and roasted garlic that shined through in the sauce.

It was only the sausage that came up short. The extra-large discs were a little heavy on the red pepper and fennel and a little low on meaty flavor. Most concerning was the texture, which tended toward gelatinous, almost as if the sausage had been undercooked.

The Ketchum location of Wiseguy is mere miles from Sun Valley Resort. I might stick with a plain slice—or at least avoid the sausage—but Wiseguy fits the bill for a quick slice to sate that post-ski hunger.

Wiseguy Pizza Pie

460 Sun Valley Road, Ketchum ID 88340 (map); 208-726-0737 121 North Main Street, Hailey ID 83333 (map); 208-788-8688; wiseguypizzapie.com