Half-Size Pizza Dough Tray Fits in Home Refrigerator


[Photograph: Scott Wiener]

It happens more often than I'd like. I had just made a batch of pizza dough last night and needed to divide, store, and refrigerate it for its cold ferment. I'm looking around for all my plastic containers and lo and behold, Girl Slice has used most of them for food-other-than-pizza-dough storage! Hmmph.

All that is a long intro to this: The world's largest dough tray producer is now making a dough tray for home use. Half the size of commercial dough trays, the DoughMate Artisan fits in your refrigerator. Trays hold six dough balls and are available for $12.50 each from Madan Plastics, DoughMate's parent company. The catch is that they're only sold in six-packs at $75 a pop. However, a kit comprising two trays, one lid, and a dough scraper is $29.95.

I'm seriously considering picking up the two-tray kit. Though I anticipate that Girl Slice, a knitter, will end up using it for yarn storage. [via Scott Wiener]