How to Make Star Tavern Pizza at Home


Slice'r bunnycaper points us to this how-to post from a friend on Caramelized OpiNIONS on making Star Tavern pizza at home. It's not just a guestimated clone recipe, it apparently came from Star Tavern's owner at the time.

...My father has also been eating Star pizza for over 40 years. He lived most of his life in New Jersey, so his favorite pizza was always available to him. When he retired, he and my mother decided to move to North Carolina for a life of golf and leisure. Unfortunately, this meant that he would no longer be able to have Star pies regularly. This seemed unacceptable to my father, so he developed a novel solution. At his last visit to Star, he explained to the owner that he was moving to North Carolina and would probably not have access to good pizza. He asked the owner a simple question. "How do you do it?" Fortunately, the owner did not feel compelled to guard the secrets that made his establishment one of the most successful and famous pizzerias in the northeast. He didn't just give my father some advice, he told him EVERYTHING. He brought my father into the kitchen and showed him all of the techniques for making ultra thin crust pizza. He gave him a few industrial sized cans of tomatoes, and wished him luck.

That was almost 15 years ago, and my father has been making New Jersey bar pizza (following the Star recipe) ever since. A few years ago, he gave me all of the necessary tools, and explained the process to me. He also taught my brother. Now we all make our version of Star pizza, using the same ingredients and same process.

Interestingly, the recipe posted there contains a fair amount of semolina. When we visited for our review, we noted a slight crunchy, gritty texture on the bottom of our last pizza. So we asked Star owner Gary Vayianos, who told us there was no semolina used there. Granted, Vayianos took over the restaurant from his father, who may have been at the helm 15 or more years ago and may have been a bit less guarded about the pizzeria's secrets.