Korean Pizza Snack: 'Shany Mini-Baguette, Pizza Flavor'

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Dear Slice, Letters from Slice'rsI found an interesting pizza-themed snack at a Korean grocery store called Kukje Market here in Daly City, California. I was strolling down the snack aisle, past seaweed snacks, Korean Cheetos, and chili-dusted popcorn, when the orange bag of Shany Mini-Baguette: Pizza Flavor caught my eye.

It's not particularly pizza-flavored; in fact my wife described it as a "sweet cookie with a garlic aftertaste (turns out sugar is the second ingredient after flour, and "pizza seasoning" doesn't turn up until the eighth ingredient. I've seen some of your Asian pizza coverage, so I thought you might find these interesting.

Eric Schaefer (Schaefdawg)