Openings: Pizzeria Locale, Boulder, Colorado


[Photograph: Pizzeria Locale/Facebook]

20110119-pizzeria-locale-ext.jpgOK, all you oven freaks out there — particularly those based in Colorado — prepare to foam at the mouth. There's a new Neapolitan pizzeria gearing up in Boulder.

Pizzeria Locale has taken delivery on the oven you see above, a Stefano Ferrara "mobile"* oven, has it installed, and appears to be in the final stages of training staff. Self-described as "a contemporary pizzeria inspired by the traditional pizzerias of Napoli," Locale will be home to the first Ferrara oven in the state. Target opening date, via their Facebook page: "Fingers crossed for Tuesday night." [via Caleb Schiff]

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Pizzeria Locale

1730 Pearl Street, Boulder CO 80302 (map)

* "Mobile" in the sense that it is not built in place and can be moved out of the space more or less intact if need be.