Pizza Snacks: New York Pizza Flavored Pirate's Booty


[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

20110110bootybowl.jpgWatch out—the pirates have their eyes on our pizza! Well, sort of.

New York Pizza–Flavored Pirate's Booty is the standard puffed rice and corn snack, dusted with a mix of tomato powder, assorted dehydrated cheeses, and typical pizza spices. These curlicues look a bit like Cheetos but end up tasting like a sour tomato, with a hint of oregano-pizza-sauce flavor that doesn't last nearly as long as the textural journey of the puff. What starts out with a light crunch ends as a thin paste mortaring your molars, and while this may work with the original flavor, we had trouble eating these.

We'll stick with Pizza-Flavored Pringles...or, um, actual pizza.