Pizza Brain: Part Arcade, Pizzeria, and Pizza Museum

If all goes according to plan, Philadelphia business partners Brian "Brain" Dwyer and Joe Hunter will be opening an awesome-sounding venture called Pizza Brain later this year. Dwyer, who organized a pizza-themed art show last May, apparently owns a crapload of pizza memorabilia, which will find a home in the new pizzeria. Says Drew Lazor of Citypaper:

While Hunter will focus on developing the menu (they want to do both grab-a-slice pies and fancier artisan stuff of varying circumferences in an open kitchen setting), Dwyer will concern himself with the entertainment aspect of Pizza Brain, which'll accommodate between 30 and 50. He is currently shopping around for pizza-themed arcades games (he's already secured a Plinko-esque Ninja Turtles Pizza Drop machine), and says the backyard area of his Fishtown hub will be home to a live performance space dubbed -- wait for it -- "Masterpizza Theatre." He wants to stay open late-ish to accommodate the hordes of Fishtown kids who gravitate further south toward Girard for their nightly entertainment. This is all very preliminary, but if everything goes as planned, Dwyer hopes to have Pizza Brain open by the fall of 2011.

Pizza and arcades just seem to go together. I don't know how many quarters I spent playing Galaga and Elevator Action in the pizzeria my family owned briefly in the early '80s. This sounds like a great project. We wish Dwyer and Hunter the best of luck.