Sizzle Pie's Heavy Metal Pizza Menu


[Photograph: Eater PDX]

If you caught yesterday's leftover links, you might have seen that Portland, Oregon's Sizzle Pie has some weird names on its menu. Nick Sherman of Pizza Rules! breaks it down:

The newly opened Sizzle Pie pizzeria in Portland has what I'm going to say is my all-time favorite list of pizza names. If you're not in to heavy metal or hardcore punk rock, most of the names will make no sense to you. But for the people who understand the joke behind the meat-stuffed "Girth Crisis" pizza, this menu is comedic gold. Some of my other favorites include the "Napalm Breath" (ref) and the "Rudimentary Penne" (ref).

I'm now wracking my brain trying to come up with punny song titles (heavy metal or otherwise) based on pizza. My brain is not cooperating.

Hmm. Remember the North Carolina pizzeria that named all its menu items for Ryan Adams songs?