Daily Slice: The Stuffed Artichoke Grandma Slice at Nonna's LES Pizzeria

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[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

"I wanted to pass one of your Slice guys the tip for Nonna's LES Pizzeria on Clinton: stuffed artichoke slice is next level."

So wrote Henry L., which had me thinking, Not another mess of an artichoke slice! See, we at Slice have never been fans of the signature slice at Artichoke Basille's — the regular there, sure. And the Sicilian? Great stuff. But the goopy, heavy slice topped with what should rightfully be served as a dip at a Super Bowl party — no thanks.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I laid eyes on Nonna's LES stuffed-artichoke creation. The base, a grandma slice topped with house-made fresh mozzarella and just enough creamed spinach is excellent on its own, plenty garlicky, light, and crisp. Sure, I did wonder how to go about eating the artichoke, which is stuffed with ricotta and topped with a strip of roasted red pepper — until I was offered a knife and fork.

No, it's not necessarily a grab-and-go slice, but it would make a good occasional treat (especially at $6 a pop).

So, thanks, Henry, for the tip — both on this slice and Nonna's in general. The place seems ripe for repeat visits for other specialty slices and regular pies as well.

Nonna's LES Pizzeria

105 Clinton Street, New York NY 10002 (Delancey/Rivington; map) 212-477-2708