Coney Dog Pizza: A Jackson, Michigan Specialty


Hard to tell with the cheese blanketing it, but this has hot dogs and "Coney meat." [Photograph:]

OK, wow. We've talked about gyro pizza on Slice before. And hot-dog-and-french-fry-pizza. So why not Coney dog pizza?'s Brad Flory reports on the Coney dog pizza of Jackson, Michigan:

A Coney Dog Pizza is standard pizza, except pizza sauce can be replaced by mustard. The toppings are coney meat, onions and sliced hot dogs.

What could be better. Right?

Um, right? Well, I guess if dmcavanagh can do a ham and cheese pizza with a creamy mustard sauce that has Slice'rs intrigued, we can stretch it to Coney dog pizza with mustard, no?

Coney dogs, I'll note, are a bit of a regional thing in Michigan. I guess we'll have to add this at some point to the Pizza Style Guide alongside Detroit-style pizza. [via Hawk Krall]