Daily Slice: The 'Indo-Pak' at Elmhurst Famous Pizza

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[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

You can't really talk "famous" Elmhurst pizza without mentioning the sort of dueling banjos nature of Singas Famous Pizza (reviewed earlier today) and Elmhurst Famous Pizza, just down the street and across the block.


Elmhurst Famous opened in the early '90s, when Singas went up in a fire and some employees launched the new pizzeria while their former employers rebuilt. The menu is similar but the pizza is not. Where Singas is crisp and study and has a decent balance of crust, sauce, and cheese, Elmhurst Famous is flaccid and is way too cheesy.


But even then, there's an interesting pizza there: the Indo-Pak, topped with jalapeƱos, onions, fresh garlic, and curry powder. This is the kind of pizza that would make you think the owners are from India, but according to the blog Pizzacentric, they're Greek. Which might explain the sort of haphazard dashing-on of masala.

Apart from Singas, this is probably the most well-known pizza in Elmhurst (there's also a location in Jackson Heights). It's worth trying if you haven't and if you're nearby (it's not worth a special trip). Beware, though. It's the (daily) slice that keeps on giving.