Poll: Should Pepperoni Crisp-Curl Up or Lie Flat?

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[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Last week in the New York Times pepperoni story, I was drawn to the following paragraph and the bit I've bolded here:

No one is claiming that pepperoni is difficult to find. Large producers like Volpi, Patrick Cudahy (makers of the No-Char line used by many pizzerias in the Northeast), Columbus, and Ezzo are considered top-of-the-line among pizzeria owners. Opinion is divided on whether a slice of the stuff should curl when cooked, or lie flat. Some say that the little cups of cooked pepperoni perform an important job: confining the spicy, molten fat from pouring out over the surface of the pizza.

Wait, seriously? That's why we're getting limp, barely crisped pepperoni on pizzas? I could not believe there was even a question here. So, Slice'rs: Do you prefer crisped and curled pepperoni or rounds that lie flat? ยป