Daily Slice: White Pesto at Vito's Pizza, Los Angeles

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[Photographs: Kelly Bone ]

Driving past an endless row of strip malls on La Cienega, it takes a sharp eye to find Vito's Pizza. But it would be a shame to miss Vito and his New Jersey family recipes.

The White Pesto slice ($4), topped with shredded mozzarella and dollops of ricotta, is drizzled with concentric circles of house-made pesto. The crust is thin and evenly crisp, without much rise at the end. Splintering when folded, it quickly softens as oil collects in the crevice. Two bombs of sweet and creamy ricotta counter the grease, creating two perfect bites. I just wish there had been more.


If you don't already like white pizza, this slice probably isn't going to convert you. It could have used a bit more basil and Parmesan. But those ricotta-loaded bites are easily worth wading through the olive oil slick.

Vito's Pizza

846 N La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90069 (map) 310-652-6859; vitopizza.com