Gray's Papaya in Greenwich Village Now Serving Dollar Slices

Gray's Papaya Dollar Slices

[Photographs: Adam Kuban]

There's a reason why the hot dog line remains long while the line for dollar slices at the Greenwich Village Gray's Papaya is nonexistent. The slices there, ladies and gents, are not very good.

And, no, there are no hot dog–topped slices at Gray's. Although, if you spend an extra buck fifty, you can improvise, as I did — photographic evidence, after the jump.

Gray's Papaya Dollar Slices

The sauce is typically generic New York pizza sauce if a bit institutional with little flavor other than a bit of sweetness. The cheese, even on a reheat, is rubbery — though there's an ample amount of it if filling your belly is all you care about.

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But if that's all you care about, you're better off just a half block away at the 99¢ Fresh Pizza near the subway entrance, where the line out the door all but guarantees you'll get a piping hot slice fresh out of the oven. Sure, the crust at 99¢ is a little doughy and bereft of crispness, but the sauce is spicy and the cheese is creamy.

Gray's Papaya Dollar Slices

To be fair, Gray's, a New York institution known for its perennial "recession special" (two dogs and a drink for $4.45), only started serving dollar slices on Saturday. So the lack of publicity may explain the sad-looking pizzas that appear to have been sitting far too long in the display case. And I have to give them points on the crisp crust (see above). Still, on flavor alone, I'd go for 99¢FP.

Yeah, I kinda couldn't resist trying this:

Gray's Papaya Dollar Slices

And, yeah, don't try it yourself. Not as bad as the hot dog and french fry pizza I once tried in 2009, but a waste of a good hot dog.

Gray's Papaya Dollar Slices

Dollar Pizza at Gray's Papaya

402 Sixth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at 8th Street; map) 212-260-3532;'s_Papaya