The Pieman's Craft: How to Unstick Your Pizza from the Peel

The Pieman's Craft

Learn techniques and secrets from slice slingers.

[Photographs and video: Jessica Leibowitz]

Last time we met with Pizza a Casa owner Mark Bello, he showed us his DJ skillz for stretching out dough. Here, he shares a quick trick for unsticking pizza that won't budge from the peel. Semolina to the rescue! As Adam mentioned a few months back, a spice shaker will help with quick, even distribution.

When using a peel to place your pizza in the oven, you want to make sure it shimmies freely on the surface so it'll slide off. The best way to make sure it won't stick is to give the peel a shake periodically as you build your pie—and to work quickly. But if at some point it won't budge, just gently lift the dough and apply some semolina (or other bench flour) to the peel at the problem spot.

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