Numbers from Rasmussen Report on American Pizza-Eating



If you haven't seen this recent Rasmussen report, it's worth looking at. Some of the more interesting figures:

  • Pizza Hut rates No. 1 among chains with American pizza-eaters
  • 18% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. 3% eat it more often than that. [Clearly, Slice'rs would have skewed that result]
  • 17% say they rarely or never eat pizza, finally confirming exactly what percentage of Americans are certifiably crazy
  • 43% did take-out when asked about the last pizza they had eaten
  • 25% said their most recent pizza was made at home
  • The largest demographic of pizza-eaters was between 30 and 49 years old
  • Single folks are more likely to eat pizza out, while marrieds and marrieds-with-kids are more likely to do pick-up. [Big surprise]

Pizza Hut as No. 1? Wow. In Slice chain-pizza taste tests, Pizza Hut has often ranked low among our panelists.

I find it interesting that 25% report having made their most recent pizza at home. Call me a cynic, though, but I find the wording of the survey makes it possible for respondents to interpret "make it at home" as "heat up a frozen pizza." Let's hope that this 25% are truly from-scratchers.