Royal Wedding Pizza Portrait

I didn't think anything about The Royal Wedding would ever find its way onto Slice, but then comes this:



The folks at Papa John's UK made this pizza, obviously, as a way of capitalizing on all the hubbub over Prince William and Kate Middleton's impending nuptials. (April 29, for those of you interested.)

A Papa John's UK representative said, "It seems like the whole country has got Royal Wedding fever, so we just had to do something special to celebrate this momentous occasion." [via]

(I actually have a bit of non-pizza-related crap to say about Royal Wedding mania ... after the jump. It's probably not worth clicking through, though.)

Non-Pizza-Related Royal Wedding Rant

Girl Slice is a HUGE fan of British royal gossip. I know way more about the royals there than I should, just from listening to her chatter about those folks. We also go to see almost any film that involves the British royal family — The Queen,, Young Victoria, The King's Speech, etc. So I sort of have a lot of half-baked opinions on this wedding, which you are going to bear the brunt of ... I told you it was not worth clicking through....

Anyway, I don't know about all this Royal Wedding hubbub. I'll give a pass to the Brits. It's their monarchical institution, after all, etc, etc. Maybe the closest thing we've had lately here in the States was the run up to Jenna Bush's wedding in 2008 or Chelsea Clinton's last summer. And in the big scheme of things, I'm guessing that the amount of press coverage surrounding those events pales in comparison to what's going on in Britain.

I think any of the hype on this side of the pond is largely media-created. (Of course you wags out there may be thinking, What isn't?)

As you know, everyone's looking for viewers, readers, pageviews, etc., and I think that after Wills and Kate got engaged, the U.S. media was like, "OMG! Remember Charles and Di's wedding?!? And what a spectacle that was? That shit was ratings gold! Let's get on this one NOW!"

Seriously, you don't know how many ultra-tangential Royal Wedding tie-ins I've seen come across my inbox from PR people.

Hell, Charles and Di married in '81. I was but a wee pup all of 7 years old, but I seem to remember that it was broadcast live on TV here, at some early morning hour.

It's my perception that the hoopla in the U.S. surrounding that royal wedding was sort of organic and that it caught the cultural tastemakers off guard. Much the same way that Lady Di's death and funeral resonated worldwide.

Anyway, it's my sense that the hype from the media here has way outpaced the actual excitement for Kate and William's marriage. I mean, do you know anyone who is wetting their pants about this? Do you think that many people here in the U.S. are going to get up at 6 a.m. ET to watch?

See, I think the bloom is a bit off the royal family rose. What with all the scandals and missteps they've had in the time since Charles and Di wed. And, as Girl Slice points out, it's not like Will is even next in line to the throne the way Charles was and still is -- assuming QEII doesn't pressure him to pass the crown directly to Will.

Also, Will is sort of not that hot anymore. He sort of peaked in college. That's not to say there probably still aren't young women out there shedding a tear that he's off the market, but, well, you know, his brother, Harry, is far more dashing.

Anyway, as much as I think the hoopla is hype, well, there's the photo of the Royal Wedding Pizza. I'm as guilty as the next hack in trying to ride this gravy train.

Bonus points and a copy of Ed Levine's Pizza: A Slice of Heaven to anyone who re-creates this pizza for My Pie Monday.